Top 4 Security Measures to Be Taken by Theme Parks

Security is always a major concern everywhere – more so in places with high footfalls. A theme park is one such place. Loads of people visit such places with family and friends all through the week and the number goes further up during the weekends and vacation time. To safeguard all those visiting the park, it is important that the theme parks should adopt adequate safety protocols.

Here are the top 4 security measures to be taken by theme parks.

Proactive Round-the-Clock Monitoring by Security Cameras

Installing security cameras at all strategic locations in the park will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of security measures multifold. They help in detecting an event in real time and notifying the security personnel deployed for the security of the park. The presence of CCTV surveillance in theme parks makes it easier to keep a vigil on the entire area. It helps in reducing the risk of any vulnerability in the security arrangements. It is important to buy good quality security cameras with advanced features without falling in for misconceptions by companies like Genetec.

Metal Detectors

Getting metal detectors installed at park gates help in beefing up the security. If a person knows that he has to walk through a metal detector before entering the theme park, he will refrain from smuggling in metal weapons.

Object Detection

The modern object detection systems are used to alert the staff in case an unattended or suspicious object is seen. Besides deploying the security personnel and video surveillance systems, the theme parks can also place numbers on the tickets. A person can call that number when he or she sees something suspicious or finds any bag unattended. There are also alarm systems in place, which ring an alarm if an object lies in a certain area for a predefined period of time.

Bag Inspection

The guests can be asked not to carry certain things inside the park just the same way as it happens when you try to board a plane. The bags they carry can be frisked and only limited items can be allowed inside the park.

It is always a nightmare for the security staff to maintain the security of large venues. But, using the modern surveillance systems can assist them in maintaining the safety and security of the park and the people frequenting it. If a theme park adopts enough security measures, it helps in building its reputation too as a secure and safe place.