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Use Cloudflare D1 like a real DBA

D1Admin is the missing Coudflare D1 Web admin interface. Save time and improve your everyday DBA and DevOps tasks by using a great DBA tool for your D1 instances.

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D1Admin - A web based DBA tool for Cloudflare D1 | Product Hunt

Data at your fingertips

Instead of wasting time typing SQL queries to manage your D1 instances, you can do it visually with point and click.

Save money

Using a Visual DBA tool saves you roughly 15+ hours per month, or more than $400/month.

Be fast in critical moments

A business having a critical production database failure, means it is leaking money. In some cases, millions of dollars a minute.

D1 web admin interface

Browse and Edit data

Browse D1 tables in a visual fashion as you have used to with DBA tools available for popular relational databases. See what’s changed in your database without wasting time typing SELECT commands.


Import & Export

Import and export data into your Cloudflare D1 database from standard export/import formats. Loading your data with initial data or test data at any time is as easy as selecting the input file and clicking on the Import button.


Import and export data in Cloudflare D1 through a web admin DBA tool
manage D1 table structure with D1Admin

Database Structure

Create and Update the table structure of your database tables in a Visual manner with a professional web admin interface for D1. You can inspect your database structure at any time in a matter of seconds, instead of typing again and again the PRAGMA command.