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Top Reasons to Replace Your Phone with a Chinese Alternative

When you feel that you need to replace your old phone, it may be tempting to run to mainstream brands. However, these tend to charge you twice what the phone is actually worth just because they are the top brands, and you should not empty your wallet just to keep your phone current. Instead, a Chinese alternative might give you all the same benefits without the exorbitant price and the money you save without sacrificing quality is enough to make the purchase simple.


The “Made in China” tag has begun to get a bad reputation over the course of the last decade, but many smartphone users have no idea that their current smartphones were also made in China. In fact, iPhones are famously known for being built in this innovative country, meaning that you are not actually doing anything new by choosing another brand. In fact, nearly every mobile on the market is built in part or completely in China, making the hesitation over using Chinese brands unnecessary. If you can trust China to build your old iPhone, you can certainly trust it to build a great product with a lower price without sacrificing quality.


Many mobile users believe that Chinese phones may be copies of mainstream brands but that is absolutely not the case. For example, the Oppo R9 that was launched recently has all of the amazing features you love about mainstream options but none of the additional price. These companies were the first to provide a phone with a rotating camera, an engineering feat designed for those who love to take pictures of themselves. Without innovative Chinese brands, your old smartphone may never have had that technology.

Other innovations include double batteries that allow you to enjoy exceptional battery life without worrying about the size of your new phone. The brand names you see in advertisements every day did not invent as much as you think they did and it is time to stop worrying about who first developed something and focus on the best product available. The price drop should be enough to help you make the right decision the next time you choose to upgrade.


Despite what many consumers may believe about Chinese products, the products put out by Chinese brands have proven over and over again that quality is not lost. By choosing one of these options, you do what you should to keep your wallet full and your needs met in regard to benefits. After all, your money should go toward other aspects of your life rather than being tied up in a mainstream phone brand. Such luxuries could include taking your significant other out to a romantic dinner, or you might decide to finally buy that new bike for yourself. Whatever you choose to do with the extra money, you deserve to have it in the first place. Whether you use your phone for business, as a way to keep in touch with long-distance relatives, or simply to keep updated on the latest Internet trends, you should never be forced to pay hundreds more just to say you have the latest model.