How to become a stenographer?

Stenography is a technique, which is implemented for writing in shorthand. For those who have already completed the varied courses in Stenography are eligible to become stenographer.

There is a high demand of stenographer all over the globe, may it be government offices, courts, press meets, assistants of CEO’s in corporate office etc. The work of  a stenographer is very sensitive as well as full of responsibilities. Like other professions, this profession too provides great amount of opportunities to showcase the talent and earn respect and money at an early age. Steno Jobs Opportunity are always in demand and do have a bright future.

Now the main question that comes into mind is, how to become a stenographer?

The first and the foremost formula to become a good stenographer is to be really hardworking and dedicated towards his work. One should have the passion to opt for this career.

To become a stenographer one should have knowledge in depth of the shorthand along with good command over English language. If one can translate two to three regional languages apart from English then it would be an additional advantage, if he or she wants to start a career in this particular field.

If we talk about qualification, then one should have a passed Senior Secondary Examination or equivalent to it. Good news is that there are no restrictions with regard to marks or subject studied but one should have 60% of marks throughout in order to grab a job in any government sector. Steno Jobs Opportunity is an evergreen demanding field and the requirements are always in demand.

To become a stenographer, there is no age bar but it is better to check the in formations while filling the forms for any government post. Normally the age limit lies in between 18 to 27 years for these kinds of positions in government sectors.

If you are really interested to start a career in this respective field then it is better to join some ITI to do a certification course in shorthand and typing. This will hardly take one to one and a half year to complete the course. During this period one can acquire good knowledge of typing as well as shorthand which will help him or her to get a job easily.

To get a job in this field is quite easy and the salary part is also awesome in this field. Depending upon the speed and accuracy the salary may vary from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month. Depending upon the dedication and hard work, one can reach up to the post Personal Assistant and Private Secretary which are equivalent to Gazetted posts in the Government sector.